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Solid Gold Jewelry

By Solid gold jewelry we mean, jewelry made of gold and is not hollow from inside. It does not have any relation with karat. 24k is the most pure and soft gold which could not be worn on daily usage so it is preferred to wear gold jewelries of 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k or 22k. Solid gold jewelry pieces does not react with other forms of elements to form tarnish. It could also be defined that solid gold must have atleast 10K gold all the way.


Find database related of solid gold jewelry manufactuers, exporters and suppliers on this online jewlery portal from india.

Hard gold jewelry
The word 'solid' itself defines the state of jewelry. Its the powerful or strong form of jewelry which does not wears off easily. Solid gold is wearer friendly and durable so it is a better choice for people who wear gold ornaments regularly. People who are allergic to metals like nickel and gold can go with 18k or 22k gold. Under solid gold jewelry, you can go with solid gold necklace, solid gold rings, solid gold pendants & other solid gold jewelry ornaments. .

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Solid Gold Ornaments and Crafts
Today, not only gold is used to design the ornaments but also other accessories like gems, beads, precious stones, enamelling work, oxidization work, etc. Gold jewelry patterns are the same but the designing makes it unique and elegant to match with the changing environment of fashion. Artisans and craftsmen work hard to produce beautiful jewelry pieces. Their art and craft creates materpieces which makes Indian artisans famous worldwide. Their work is praised by international foreigns. Even they receive high value orders for their quality work job.

You can easily explore the production by these famous artisans on this exclusive jewelry network which provides oppportunity for both buyers and sellers to meet at this common platform to grow each others business. You can also browse individual picture gallery of the registered members for more art pieces and to collect their contact information.

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